Imanol’s plans for the goal and the ‘eleven’ of Old Trafford

A little more than a month before the Cup final is played and with Miguel
Moya Y Ayesa injured, the substitute goalkeeper of Alex
Remiro tomorrow in Old
Trafford will be Unai
Marrero, which has not debuted in Second. In this scenario, any setback for the Real’s starting goalkeeper could lead to him not playing the decisive La Cartuja derby on April 3, despite which to Imanol Bailiff does not even think of rotating or protecting Cascante’s by sending him to the bench in any of the next games. “If I remove Alex I will kill him,” he stated bluntly, making it clear that he will keep him as a starter in all matches. “I don’t even forgive him for training on Monday after playing a game. I like that the next day he is training ”, says the oriotarra. “If there is something I feel sorry for, it is not being able to train more with the players who have not been playing lately,” said the coach, referring to the tight schedule. And it is clear that “it is vital that the Real coach have clear priorities, which go mainly through the growth of young players.” So things, Imanol has said that “this series of games does not allow me to work with those who do not play as I would like and in the case of Alex I am clear that he is a goalkeeper who is growing and I only demand that he train and train because he has room for improvement ”.

As for the possible ‘eleven’ tomorrow in Old
Trafford, Sheriff has hinted that it can give rest to a key piece. “There are many accumulated minutes. For some, playing in Manchester and against Alavés has meant wear and tear and on Monday we have an important game too, ”he said. Imanol Alluding to the clash against Madrid. The coach, of course, has made it clear that “I like to win and the players do too, but some of them still had fatigue yesterday and may just get to Old
Trafford. I’ll wait for the last training session and see what ‘eleven’ can be taken out, although it will be a competitive ‘eleven’ that tries to win “