Imanol’s message 10 days before the final: ‘We are going to leave our lives’


In an appearance that has already become a classic on the day that the Real allows the media to follow the training of the txuri urdin team behind the scenes, Imanol
Sheriff wanted to send a strong message of gratitude to the realistic fans, when there are barely ten days until the final of the Copa de The
Charterhouse. “I want to thank all the fans for all the messages received”, the technician of Orio who, appealing to all those senders, has commented that “you do not know the strength it gives us, both to me and to the team.” The realistic coach has hoped that “hopefully these messages that are coming give us strength, which is the case, so that we can win this final.” What the Gipuzkoan coach has guaranteed is that in the match against him Athletic its footballers are going to be emptied in pursuit of being champions again. “We are going to give up our lives, both in these days of training and in the final and I hope we all have a happy ending,” he wished. Imanol. The oriotarraFinally, he wanted to “thank my people for the video that they made me yesterday. Baserri and Iban, who are the ones who made the whole video, and all the people of Orio. It is something that has touched my heart, that is going to stay with me for a lifetime ”.