Imanol: ‘You have to win yes or yes’

Sheriff He waits against Osasuna for “a close match” because “they are in a pretty good moment. They lost against Madrid and Atlético in the final minutes and that means that they are competitive and that it will be difficult ”. However, he is convinced that Real is going to win, although “we will have to suffer and give a great level”.

To those who question the professionalism of Osasuna in the face of this match, Imanol tells them that “they don’t know Jagoba, to Bittor and what is Osasuna ”. Of the two technicians, he stressed that “they are a formidable couple” who “are doing a great job. They are very competitive, very professional and that is why they are where they are ”. And in case there are still doubts, remember “how competitive the Navarrese are, even in friendlies”.

He does not expect anything from Betis and Villarreal because “I have always said that the objective is to play our game and do our thing. What happens next is not up to us. What depends on us is tomorrow’s game, taking it as a final. I hope to play a good game and achieve victory to tie that fifth place, “said the Oriotarra coach who stressed that tomorrow” you have to win yes or yes “and that” we will try to do it with a good game but, if there is no good game, there will be to win too ”.

In order to Jagoba
Sweep yourself Y Bittor
Alkiza, with whom he agreed in Zubieta, he only had words of praise, remembering that “I entered here through Bittor. He was the one who called me while at Zarautz and I will always be grateful to him because he and Luki They bet on me to enter the quarry. I am also grateful to Jagoba because he was a technician of the Honor Division and like other technicians like Jon
Mikel or Iñaki
Satrustegi They helped me to get in in the best possible way. I will always be grateful”.

Despite the last minute drop in Igo Zubeldia Due to covid, the truth is that the squad arrives physically better than in previous days, although touched: “I already said that gasoline did not worry me, but throughout the year there have been many things, many games and not all of us are in our best moment . Now Igor He is with covid, but before he had been with the team for two months but without training because he wanted to help. There are many players like that, in terrible discomfort and doing everything possible to help the team. What happens is that you have to hide those little cracks, that all teams have them. Gasoline is not lacking and there is plenty of hope to finish fifth ”.

The convocation of Pacheco

Due to the low Zubeldia, Jon
Pacheco has entered the call, depriving Sanse of an important piece: “At the club they know that the priority is for the first team to be fifth. He comes to contribute so that the first team of the Real is fifth, with many options to be able to play as he did against Atlético ”, he commented. “They will miss him at Sanse, but if he is with us it is because we are risking something important.”

Finally, he wanted to “congratulate all the workers who are in the quarry” for the successes that the club is reaping and can still reap. “So much Sergio
Francisco, What Xabi, like me, we are privileged. Without these people we would be unable to do what we have done. C has already gone up and hopefully Sanse will get their game, we will get ours and it will be the best way to end the year for Real Sociedad. Hopefully tomorrow will be a great day for the Txuri Urdin fans ”.