Imanol: ‘We’re leaving hurt’

SheriffAs always, he avoided referring to refereeing: “I never do and now I’m not going to do it either. On TV you could have seen much better than me from the bench. I take care of my team, their game, and in that sense I congratulate my players, who have been 10, focused on the game.

The Oriotarra regretted not having ‘killed’ the match with a third goal: “When you have the option to kill the game with a third goal and you don’t, with the level of quality they have, and in an isolated play, they can get into the game. party and so it has been ”.

However, “I think we played a great game both in the first half and in the second, what happens is that in the first half we have been more successful in the face of goal,” said a Imanol that he considers that they deserved the victory “for the work done by the players.

The technician txuri urdin also praised the response of the less common: “Today the team has shown that it does not miss the one who is not there. In this sense, we must be positive and continue in this line because if we continue in this line, that is what will allow us to achieve our goal ”.

And in this intense week he highlighted the physical response of his players: “On a physical level the team has been very complete, from the beginning to the end and although the week has been powerful, we have managed it very well. Of course, fatigue is accused because the emotional has been very strong, but everyone’s behavior has been excellent. A team has been seen very well physically, with clear ideas. We have done a great job and that is why we left hurt because we wanted victory, we had it there and it has escaped us due to two details ”.