Imanol: ‘We have given an exhibition’

Unlike a month ago, when Real thrashed Cádiz but Imanol He was upset by not scoring seven goals, the Real coach has not put a single objection to the victory against Levante because, in his opinion, his team gave a “display. I am very happy with the game. I just feel sorry for not having hit the goal because it was incredible what we saw today and that there were no fans to enjoy it because, with fans, someone else would have entered ”, said the Oriotarra.

With fans in the stands, some more would have entered

If this time there were no reproaches despite the minimal victory, it is because “I liked the game a lot,” he said. Imanol to add that “also the attitude.” The coach wanted to underline “how they have continued” insisting his players “despite not hitting.” And, as a consequence, they have been forced to play 1-0 “those final minutes that toughen the team.” Sheriff He summed up, in any case, that “we have given an exhibition and with a game like today, nothing can be said to the players.”

I really liked the game and the attitude, how they have continued despite not getting it right

The added merit that Real had according to their coach is that “it is not easy to give a team like this so many chances, no matter how much they played on Thursday” Sheriff that “we have played at a high level”, confirming that “the regularity of the team is tremendous. It is not easy and we are succeeding ”.

It’s not easy to give a team like this so many chances

The fourth victory in the last five games, however, does not cause Imanol lose focus and say that qualifying for Europe “I see it far away. There is a world left, many points against teams that are going to play many things. With five games to go, we’ll talk because it’s going to be very complicated, ”insisted a Imanol that he urged “to remember what happened to us last year.”