Imanol: ‘I like to win these types of matches’

Has been seen Imanol
Sheriff happy with a victory that was as long-suffering as it was important: “It was a rough game and I like to win this type of game,” he said. “In the first dangerous situation they scored a goal for us, but we were able to come back by doing things very well,” he continued. “We had a very good entry in the second half in which we were able to put it 3-1, but we did not know how to kill him and then, between Nacho going to the locker room for a few minutes, Igor hurt his knee. in the warm-up, Robin’s injury and the short result, we had to suffer ”, he explained.

This time he liked Imanol how his team managed those final minutes in which everything hung by a thread: “Well, yes, because also the game was played like this by both of us. There have been moments to play and it has been played very well. But many times I myself have blamed the team for that lack of malice that is needed many times to kill the games and, as we are, with changes, injuries, with Nacho … you had to kill the game, you had to stop it and in that sense I am very happy to take advantage of this game ”.

Undoubtedly the worst part of the game are the casualties that he adds for Monday’s game in Ipurua against Eibar, although the Oriotarra does not want excuses: “We are not the only team that is like this. There are several that we are suffering this hard year. We’ll see. As I always say, there are no excuses. Today once again there have been people who have not played for a long time and have done very well. In that sense I am happy. And if we cannot complete the call, we will have to use the subsidiary as this club always does. Maximum humility and maximum ambition. We know that it will be complicated and it does not matter who you face, if it is at home or away because it will be very difficult, “said a Imanol who ratified that “these three points are going to come in handy for us.”

The next match is an Eibar in low hours, although the Real coach warns: “For Eibar the next game is vital but for us too. It is a derby, the most important in recent years for which both teams play, but there is no other. We will have to work on it well because it is going to be complicated, especially at Ipurua and with Eibar on the decline ”, assured a Imanol It is already advancing that from here to the end “we are going to have six bulls, six Miuras, and we will have to face those bulls little by little. The following is a Miura of the strong ones because he is injured and when a Miura is injured he can do a lot of damage ”.