Imanol: ‘Energy, strength, enthusiasm and ambition are not lacking’


Sheriff augurs another tough and complicated match against Celta, as it is still conditioned by the eight casualties that the team drags and the fatigue accumulated during the season. However, remember that “energy, strength, enthusiasm and ambition are not lacking” and describes the situation with a metaphor that has already been used on some occasion: “We are in a marathon, the four Kenyans, the usual ones, have escaped and we are still there, in the strong group ”. The Oriotarra judges as normal “to have these ups and downs” since he, broadening the spectrum, considers that they have already been two seasons “very hard physically and emotionally”, always in European positions, citing the word Champions last year and in the present with a Europa League “tremendously difficult” and the final of the Copa del Rey. However, he declares himself “calm” and sees the team “eager, like me.” Again in athletic terms, he maintains that they are in the middle of the ‘wall’ and that now they must overcome it.

We are in a marathon, the four Kenyans, the usual ones, have escaped and we are still there, in the strong group

The coach maintains that they prepare the match against Celta with the usual “ambition” and “humility”. He predicts that it will not “not be easy” because he considers that since the arrival of Edward
Coudet Celta “has another point of aggressiveness, especially without the ball” and that maintains the virtues that it already had: “It has impressive players”, quote. Logically, everyone comes to mind the figure of Iago
Blades, although the coach assures that the ‘prince of the batches’ “is now less important, at the level they are Brais, Nolito or Santi
Mine“, Although” he is a great player that when he is at his best is vital. ” He also believes that, like the Real, he has many solutions and alternatives in his game.

Parallels with the past year

Imanol he sees parallels in the situation of La Real with that of last year at this point; he observes that the results are lacking more (two points out of 15) than the game and recalls that, for example, Valencia “was a winning match”. As for direct rivals, he believes that Betis is “cleaner” than Villarreal since it comes from “top to bottom” and has no European competition and maintains that “I do not want to forget those who come from behind.” And it is that, in his opinion, with 33 points at stake, “there is an outrage” and recalls what happened last year, in which the Real obtained their European passport in the last minutes “when no one was giving hard for us.”

There is a lot left; Last year we entered when nobody gave a penny for us

Referring to proper names, the coach hopes to have David Silva for the match against Huesca in a week and a half, he hopes to have Mikel
Merino at the end of the season and has high hopes for Januzaj in this final stretch. Regarding the Navarrese, he has related that today was the first day that he has gone out to the field and he has done it “to walk”, but points out: “Knowing Mikel he will do his best to play the final matches: we are going to see if together we are capable of it ”. From Januzaj stresses that it is “differential, but not always.” He liked his contribution against Athletic, not so much against Sevilla. He emphasizes that the magician from Molenbeeck “is a very important player for this finale, as the others will be.”

Meeting Mikel (Merino) will do his best to play the final matches