Imanol crosses his fingers

There are 11 days until the final of the Copa del Rey and Imanol already lives with crossed fingers. The five international players of the txuri urdin squad, four of them likely to start in the final on April 3, traveled yesterday to the concentrations of their respective teams, with which they will play three games. The technicians and fans include them in their prayers so that they do not suffer any injuries and are away from the virus, a circumstance totally controlled at La Real, where there has not been a single positive since September.

Oyarzabal arrived in Las Rozas yesterday at noon and trained in the afternoon under the orders of Luis
Enrique. With Merino off the list, he is the only realist in the senior Spanish team. Interestingly, he arrived at the training facility with two who will be his opponents on the big day, Unai
Simon and Iñigo
Martinez, to which he has a good relationship, since he shared the Basque national team with the goalkeeper in lower categories and was also a teammate of the central defender. Joining them were debutant gunsmith Bryan Gil and Fabián, Naples midfielder.

Spain plays against Greece, Georgia and Kosovo on Thursday 25th, Sunday 28th and Wednesday 31st, the first and third at home. Oyarzabal You will not be able to return until day 1 and you will only be able to train on the eve of the final.

Zubimendi wanted to be

Zubimendi Y Barrenetxea they also enlisted with the U21 team. Zubimendi He wanted to force himself to reach the match against Barcelona despite his hip discomfort and that allowed him to travel with the ‘red’, who will play against Slovenia, Italy and the Czech Republic tomorrow, Wednesday 24, Saturday 27 and Tuesday 21 qualifying officials for the European. Zubimendi it will show the ‘6’ and Barrenetxea, the 21st’.

Januzaj, therapy with Belgium

For your he stole the title in the last game and Adnan
Januzaj He seeks therapy with Belgium, who play Wales, the Czech Republic and Belarus on the 24th, 27th and 30th.