‘I’m tired of shouting Suárez’s goals with the national team’

The player of the Sports
Pellistri He said this Thursday that he was “tired of shouting Luis Suárez’s goals with the Uruguay national team” and confessed that one of his objectives is to get his shirt in the match that will measure the Albiazul team at Athletic

The young Uruguayan soccer player, on loan from him Manchester
United, admitted at a press conference that the colchonero “is an idol for all Uruguayans” not only because of what he has achieved at the European or world level but also because of everything he has done with the Uruguayan team.

“It’s a dream to be able to share the pitch with him”

“It is a dream to be able to share the court with him,” added the Alava player, who feels more and more confident on the part of the coach and his teammates, for which he assured that “as he adds more minutes, his performance will be even better. the trust”.

Luis Suárez celebrates a goal with the Uruguayan team shirt

He stated that all Uruguayan children want to play soccer and they try. “That is one of the keys for there to be so many Uruguayan players in the world, as well as the passion with which they live it,” he said. Pellistri.

The Latin American promise promised to return that trust that he thanked so much and although he admitted that they are seeing the bad side of football because the victories do not come, he was positive and convinced that “it would have been different”, if they managed to achieve the victories that were so close in the last two days.

“There are many games left, we are going to go one by one and I think that at the end of the season everything will be fine,” he said. Pellistri, which revealed that “veterans and colleagues with more experience transmit tranquility, that these moments always pass and it is good to wait.”

Expressed that Abelard
Fernandez He encourages him to move around the offensive zone, which is why he is sometimes seen playing on the inside. “It gives us that freedom to move on the attack front and thus generate chances,” said the babazorro, who opted to “face each game in the same way and remain focused knowing that we can.”