‘I’m looking forward to continuing to play for you’

“Fans, I really want to see you at the stadium, we’ll see each other soon.” Isak’s message after his renewal until 2026 is music to the ears of a hobby that has adored him since he saw him in his first friendlies two years ago and who even coined a very popular song for months, only silenced by the pandemic: ‘Oé, oé, oé, oéééé, Isak, Isak.’ He heard it at the Bernabéu, in Miranda, a few times in Anoeta, until the coronavirus emptied the stadiums. That affection of the fans has surely been decisive for the striker, who was getting very powerful girlfriends due to his performance in the Eurocup, has been decisive for his decision to stay in the team with which he has won the Cup: ” I am looking forward to continue playing for you. Aúpa Reala ”, he concludes.