Illarramendi, reinforcement for the January slope

It is not just any reinforcement. He is the captain, one of the most talented players and the footballer who has been in the squad for the longest time. Asier Illarramendi (Mutriku, 1990) is the first winter ‘signing’ of the Real and it will be time that says if there will be more or not. After a good week of training in which he has not suffered mishaps and has continued to evolve, the mutrikuarra player, as he already announced Imanol Last week, he will be called up for tomorrow’s game against Sevilla and could play his first minutes from August 30, 2019. 498 days, a year and a half, the period of almost two pregnancies, will have passed. La Real faces a demonic calendar from tomorrow until March 21 and needs all its players, and much more if it is about the referents and with the infirmary still full of tenants.

Unless something unexpected happens today and Imanol give a negative surprise, Illarra He has passed his test week and therefore will travel to Seville with his teammates. He already did the same on December 15, first direction Barcelona and then Levante, but aware that he was not even going to be summoned. Now you can dress short for a few minutes and put on your captain’s armband. The idea is that he intervenes gradually so that the ‘4’ can get closer to the excellent level he reached before the concatenation of injuries, first in the ankle and then in the adductors. His two operations -the last one, on July 5- and that damn fibrillar micro-rupture suffered two months ago are already behind him. This maelstrom of matches is very conducive to his return, with a Cup match on the 20th very appropriate to gradually acquire a competitive rhythm that he has forgotten for almost two years, when he began his ordeal at Mestalla. The question is whether it will resemble the Illarra hierarchical and leader who went to Madrid for 32 million and returned two years later and if he will be able to oppose taking the place from ‘planes’ such as Zubimendi, Zubeldia and Guevara. Your contribution, in any case, will be very welcome.

One match every 3.4 days

And it is that what awaits the Real from tomorrow until March 21 is a real madness. In the best of cases, if you reach the final of the Super Cup, make it through the Cup qualifiers to the final and defeat United in the Europa League, you will have to play a whopping 21 games within 72 days, at a pace of a game every 3.4 days. Something unheard of. For that to happen, those of Imanol They must beat Barcelona in the first semifinal of the Spanish Super Cup next Wednesday in Córdoba, beat United in the European tie on February 18 (Anoeta) and 25 (Manchester) and defeat their cup rivals in a single game in the round of 32 (January 20), eighths and quarters and a double encounter in the semifinals. The more your Copa career resembles that of last year, the more loaded your calendar will be.

First title and everything at stake

The fork is wide. La Real will play between 14 and 21 games in this section of the calendar that seems to be the decisive one to settle among the best in the League -with matches against now direct rivals such as Sevilla, Villarreal, Madrid and Barcelona-, continue to excite in the Europa League, also dreaming of the Cup this year before the final of the last edition and trying to achieve the first title in 34 years, something that could happen in nine days in Seville with the Super Cup.

These next matches should not be so painful in the physical chapter for Real. He plays tomorrow in Seville after six days of rest, then he has another four to face Barcelona and, if he passes, he will have one more day of his holiday than Madrid or Athletic, who face on Thursday, for the final on Sunday.

Real Sociedad calendar