‘Illarra will be the one to lift the Cup if we win, play or not’

Have you seen yourself lifting the Cup?

Yes, I have ever imagined it. Everyone wants it and everyone is looking forward to that day.

If they win the Cup, will you lift it?

No. Asier (Illarramendi) is our captain, our leader, the person who pulls this car and if someone is going to lift it, it will be him. Play or don’t play. I want him to play, well I would like all 25 to play, but it’s not possible.

What would it mean to score a goal?

I do not care. If it’s me, fine; but if it has to be someone else, let it be someone else. What matters to me is scoring one more goal than them.

What did the father or the mistress tell you about the final of ’87?

Little thing. They werent. I’ve been with players who were there. With my parents I talk about a thousand things that are not football, but they don’t put extra pressure on me.

What have the outsiders told you about that final?

It was a hard-fought match, which in the end was decided on penalties. Those who played that game told us that you saw the bench that Atlético had and the one that Real had and there was nothing to do. They were players of very tall stature and those of the Real, people from the quarry who had arrived there with great merit. And still they won. We hope to be the next.

Who was he with?

With López Ufarte and Zamora. They told us how they had lived it. They gave us advice and we compared what we are feeling with what they experienced. The difference is that in Zaragoza there were I don’t know how many thousands of fans watching and that has a plus, but the sensations are similar.

Have you made any promises if you win?

No. I’m not one of those. Dislike. I’d rather win it and then we’ll see what we do.

Do you pray?

No the truth. He did it when he was little, not now.

They came for you a few years ago, have you thought that this final could have been played as rojiblanco?

The truth is, no. I am where I want to be, I feel happy, valued. There are many conditions that make one want to be here. I am so happy to be here. I want to continue for many years.

Is your renovation underway?

There is no process, there is nothing. I am calm. I have this and three more years on my contract and I still have a lot to do and show to earn being here for many years. I will continue working the same so that this continues.

Many families are from Oyarzabal and many children wear his shirt. What do you feel when you see it?

I like it and it excites me. You are an example and mirror of many people in Donosti and outside of Donosti and even outside of Spain. There are people who follow me everywhere. Honestly, I’m excited to see kids with my name and number on their shirts.

What do people say to you when they stop you on the street?

With this covid, people stop me less. There is the fear that it may come to you as it did to me. Everyone tells me about the final, everyone wants to win it, there is a lot of hope, but always with positivity.

Summoned by Spain, how do you feel without being able to prepare for the game with your teammates?

It is an exceptional situation because a final is experienced differently from a normal league match. But all the players want to play as much as possible, either with the club or with the national team, even if there is fatigue. For me it is an opportunity to go with the national team.

Was something made, any attempt, to try not to go, not to play at least the last game?

Nerd. They haven’t told me anything. If I have to speak something, I will speak, but a priori I go the same as the rest and with the same desire and the same enthusiasm.

Can one be dosed?

It is very difficult. That goes within the personality of each one and, like it or not, when you are in the field you forget what is outside. I give everything, I give 100%. It’s one more way to prepare for the final, to stay plugged in and connected.

In Bilbao they have carried out buoyancy tests on the barge, do we have to say that they put fences in the Alderdi Eder gardens?

No. Everyone is entitled to do what they consider and that’s it. We are going to fight the same for the game. What we want is to win and if we do, we will celebrate it, but without forgetting what is happening now with the pandemic.

A forecast?

A 0-2, who have told me that we are visitors. ¡Aúpa Real!