Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero, weekend together in Valladolid

Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero They have coincided this Friday in Valladolid invited to a family wedding. The international exporter has recorded his stay in Valladolid with an image on his Instagram profile.

“Fantastic city”, said the goalkeeper, who was photographed in the PLaza Mayor with the Town Hall in the background. The photo has sparked rumors as to whether the couple would have met and enjoyed the weekend together in this Spanish city.

Iker and Sara They ended their relationship last March, as they announced themselves through Instagram and made official with the signing of the divorce. Recently, rumors that the journalist had already rebuilt her life with Kiki morente they have not ceased. He himself has confessed that “they are getting carried away.”

However, this new snapshot is giving a lot to talk about and has not gone unnoticed by many Valladolid, who have been surprised by the presence of the soccer world champion, who has received the welcome of a good number of followers on the network, where his photo exceeds 100,000 likes.

Both would have coincided this weekend in Valladolid. Boxes has enjoyed the summer day in a central establishment next to the Church of Santiago -where the link was held-, before moving to a private estate where the rest of the celebration took place, specifically to the Maito Lake, where the dinner and subsequent evening took place, enlivened by the Valladolid group of DJ Los del Lío.

Just as Iker Casillas shared an image of him in the Plaza Mayor, before putting on the suit for the wedding. Sara carbonero, clad in a beautiful navy blue dress, she wanted to share in her Instagram stories several details upon her arrival at the Valladolid farm where the treat was held.