“If you try to do the same as Marc Márquez, you will not end well”

Lime Crutchlow, with 5 consecutive years of experience with Sling behind him after passing three courses in his beginnings in MotoGP with Yamaha and a campaign in Ducati, has become the satellite ensemble of the Japanese, the CSF, in one of the props of the factory for the development of the motorcycle. The 34-year-old Briton is aware that it is a great reference for Honda engineers to improve a motorcycle that is very difficult to adapt to due to the difficulty they all have with a low-trust front train, and he recognized in several interviews this week that their indications are useful because they are “more neutral” and adaptable to any other pilot, not as much as those of a Marc Márquez that you put the bike that you put can be competitive.

“It is difficult to understand how he does it, because he wins even when his bike is not at the level to do it. The way you can control the bike, the risks you take, how you can slide the bike, your use of the brakes are amazing. I can guarantee that Marc blocks the front wheel three or four times more than any other Honda rider, ”Crutchlow explained in an interview with‘ BT Sports ’.

“In the data we see the deceleration line. When it becomes pointed, it indicates that there is a blockage. If another pilot has six peaks on this line, he can have fifteen in a single curve or a length of two meters, and he manages to do it for 20 laps and he can also win. It is the way he pilots. We lock the front wheel quite often, we can understand how to do it, but it is something spectacular to see the inclination to which Márquez can do it, how he manages to control it and not fall ”, he added, exalting Marc’s superhuman level on top of a motorcycle.

Crutchlow, Honda LCR Team driver

“On the one hand it is positive to be able to learn from him, but on the other you cannot learn from him, because If you try to do the same thing Marc does, you will not end well. Sometimes you can do some of their things, but first you have to put a filter“He added.

Before, in a conversation on YouTube with the journalist Marieta Evans, the Brit was already praising himself for his style of driving Marc Márquez, reiterating that it could not be taken as a reference for the evolution of the motorcycles of the rest of the Honda riders.

“Marquez goes incredibly fast on any bike and tire. No one in the world is like Marc, the drivers are more like me. If everyone was like him, everyone would win“, Pointed between laughs.

Marc Márquez
Marc Márquez

“The tests we did (this 2020) were quite positive, we all have problems, but finding them is positive because you can provide information to improve them. We did a good job in Valencia and then in Malaysia, and only in Qatar did we understand that aerodynamic changes had to be made. It is always important, since Thanks to my riding style I can give more neutral information, I also have the ability to understand the bike well and clearly explain my feelings, what is better and what is worse ”, clarified about his important role for the other pilots Sling, with Marquez eating separately.