‘If Ruben Dias doesn’t work, it’s the end of Guardiola at City’

The latest addition to Manchester City has been the central of Benfica Ruben Dias for a whopping 68 million fixed euros plus 3’6 in variables, a signing that became official hours after the Leicester will score 2-5 against the team of Pep Guardiola.

More than 400 million euros is what the ‘citizens’ have spent on defenses since Santpedor’s training them. No wonder there are criticisms.

Liverpool player Jamie Carragher said that “I think the arrival of Ruben Dias puts a lot at stake. If it doesn’t work, and Manchester City don’t win the Premier League, it’s Guardiola’s end at City. Otherwise, they may renew the contract for a few more years. “

This is how Ruben Dias plays

And he added that “he is trying to replace Kompany and the truth is that he never had a good record in hiring centrals. Even in Barcelona. It is usually the weakness of their teams ”.