‘If Mayoral stays in Roma? Sure. Or, at least, we hope so ‘

Borja Mayoral he is one of the players who left Real Madrid. He was loaned for two seasons to Roma and is succeeding to the point that he is thinking of executing the purchase option of 15 million euros. Alejandro Camano, the player’s representative, spoke on Calciomercato.it about the future of Mayoral. “Borja was one of the best footballers in the history of the Madrid quarry, it is not a surprise. He looks like Benzema, he knows how to play with the rest of the team. Is awesome. The Frenchman said he is a crack, and we are convinced of that, “said Camano, adding that” If he stays at Roma? Sure … Or, at least, we hope so … “

The representative also carries Achraf, winger who left Real Madrid for Inter de MIlán this past summer. Despite the fact that there has been a lot of rumor about a possible return to the white club, Alejando Camaño made it clear that Achraf will continue at Inter. “Achraf personally decided to come to Inter. Ausilio, the sports director, proposed it to him three years ago and he is very happy to have made this decision. For me it is an important story: I am also a representative of H
ector Cúper and here we live a great stage. Achraf has a five-year contract: Inter will be his future ”, he declared.