‘If I’m fighting Marc it will be good news’

Àlex Márquez He finished the Losail test with a 2 mm microfracture in the fourth metacarpal of his right foot due to his fifth fall in four days of training and for which he ended his preseason one day ahead of schedule. As there was no fifth day for the rest either because of the inclement weather, it did not end in inferior conditions in terms of sessions. This Monday Allianz and Àlex Márquez present the documentary “Yo soy Alex”, a review of the figure of a young pilot, an example that tenacity, humility and dedication make a champion. Before, he telematically attends Mundo Deportivo to comment on what they expect from his second MotoGP campaign

A very busy preseason in Losail with many crashes

“I have had five falls in four days. More than one per day, although there are a couple that hardly count for me, because they were very small because of the front end. The last one was a high side more than anything to look where there was no more, because in this turn (9) I already passed faster than the other Honda and I wanted to look a little more because I felt very comfortable. You always try to get the positive and after each crash I went out on the track and I have improved my times and that is the positive, that at no time have I lost confidence. Falls have also taught me to learn the reasons for those mistakes, so I stick with that. It is clear that for the team it is not the best, but Lucio Cecchinello has told me that you have to fall to learn and the team is supporting me to the maximum and that is appreciated “

Alex Márquez injured his right foot in a fall in Losail

For this year, which is the second in MotoGP, what did you ask the Three Wise Men?

You can ask them everything, it is not asking or not asking, the results come with work and it is always my method, I only trust work, not desires, but by wanting you want everything, but without work nothing comes. Continue with the evolution we saw in the second half of last year, apart from the two podiums the pace we had was different. You have to improve many things, especially qualifying is the weak point, you have to take a step forward and qualify much better. But other than that evolution and never stagnate at one point.

When did you take the L as a rookie, can you get to love that beast that is the Honda?

I grew to love him, especially in the two races in Aragon. It was an incredible feeling when everything comes out. In the end, when you come from the first half of the championship with the rookie L on, it may seem like a radical motorcycle, which is hard to understand, but when from Misano we start to try things and open myself up more, ‘okay now I’m ready to try different things and setups’, from that moment on it changed completely, the story was one of love and not hate and at that moment I began to enjoy the bike and get the most out of a racing bike.

A year of experience at Repsol Honda with a 14th finish in the standings, second best rookie and two podium finishes, the only ones won by Honda in 2020. Did it exceed your expectations or was it expected?

I am someone who starts little by little and has good lyrics, but the evolution of the second part was not a surprise, you try to work so that things like that arrive, but the podium in Aragon (second in a dry race) was something that I honestly did not He expected me and was realistic at that time, but with work everything comes and when it came I knew how to assimilate it

he year 2020 had to be special because that Márquez Team had been formed in Repsol Honda, the best team in the world, and in the end it could not have been more than a Grand Prix due to Marc’s injury. Does that lost opportunity give anger?

Well, it gives anger or motivation to try to repeat it in the future, it depends on how you look at it. I want to stay with the good things, things happen for a reason and I have the motivation to repeat the Márquez Team in the future.

You have gone from a great structure like Repsol Honda to a Honda client team like LCR Honda. What kind of team have you found?

It is a smaller team, more familiar, fewer people and in a second year to continue burning stages it is the perfect place to continue growing as a rider. I have a very experienced team and I can learn a lot from each of them. I have found a lot of direct communication that this is important, a lot of professionalism and seriousness and that is the main thing for a racing team to function.

Alex Márquez in the Losail test
Alex Márquez in the Losail test

What kind of partner do you expect Taka Nakagami to be?

Above all I hope and wish it to be fast because that way you can learn the most. It is his fourth year in MotoGP and with a very fast teammate he was able to learn a lot more things and it makes you give something more too.

When this year the start of the preseason was delayed another 15 days and it was decided that the tests were going to be entirely in Losail like the first two races, a circuit that is not exactly favorable to the Honda, as has been seen with the multiple falls of all the Honda in the test, what did you think?

I thought ‘history repeats itself. Just like last year we started by canceling one race, then the other and all I asked is that it not happen again. In the end, two races in Qatar are better than not doing any, it is clear that there are many days on the same circuit and the drivers do not like so many laps on the same circuit, but they are special moments and we have to adapt. We hope that as the year goes by there will not be so many doubles because in the second you can foresee where you are going to be and there is no uncertainty about what may happen and it makes the races a bit more boring

You are an HRC rider on loan to LCR Honda. What material will you have according to the contract?

The bike is directly HRC, to get an idea I have the same contract that I had last year, but changing its structure, the bike is the last with all the evolutions, official bike.

Would the best news for the Marquez in 2021 be to find themselves in the race fighting?

Of course it would be one of the best for him because it would mean that he is back on the circuits and for me because if I am fighting with him it will mean that I am in positions fighting well in the category.

Alex Márquez with Lucio Cecchinello
Alex Márquez with Lucio Cecchinello

“Of course it would be the best news for him because it would mean that he is already back on the circuits and for me because if I fight with him it will mean that I am in positions fighting well in the category”

Last year he did two seconds and some of them could perhaps have been a first to have qualified better on the grid. Is everything other than winning now going to be a bad outcome for you?

No, not at all. What I want is to repeat results like last year, but they were specific moments and specific circuits. It is the second year and we must try to be closer to those positions on many more circuits and in many more conditions. Not for having made two podiums the first year the second you will do four because yes and because you already have more experience. No, everyone evolves and improves and it will surely be a year in which everyone will start with great enthusiasm. From then on, victory does not obsess me at all, it is something that if it comes it has to come and I will try to work towards it but without obsessing over the victory.

What’s your cheer for the 2021 MotoGP season?

Marquez first Which one? (laughs), so I have more options (laughs), Quartararo, Mir.