“If I know that I don’t make it to January, I don’t accept the challenge”

Pablo Machín, former coach of Espanyol ceased last December, he has acknowledged this Tuesday that he has a thorn nailed by his short time on the bench parakeet.

Questioned if he regrets having signed for Espanyol last summer, the Soriano, in statements to Radio Marca, has assured that “I usually do not do it and everything is learned, but if it is true that If it did not reach the winter mark, I would not have accepted the challenge. I consider myself a brave coach and I took it on knowing that it would be difficult but I liked the club and understood that it had possibilities. ”

Machín has also recognized that “I am left with the thorn; the signings (January) were the lifeline that we wanted to catch. We knew that we had to reach the market to improve a squad that was not reinforced to the same extent as the most important players who left (Borja and Hermoso) ”. Along the same lines, he insisted that in the winter market “they wanted to take a turn; Players who were due to arrive had to help those who were already at their best level to fight to the end to save the category. We achieved fewer points than the merits we had made and the decision was made to give the project to another colleague. ”

Finally, the former parrot technician has confessed that when he arrived in Barcelona “I already knew that it would be a difficult year for Espanyol (…) When Rufete He gave me the approach he had, I thought that everyone was clear about the objective, which was to reach the winter market in the best possible way. ”