“If I can only open at 30% I continue to stay at home and do not open”

During the premiere of the first documentary on the gastronomic-hotel sector in Spain after the covid-19 ” Prepared to return ”, Carme Ruscalleda was very blunt before the microphones of ‘La Ventana’ by Cadena SER against future measures that the Executive will impose its sector

Ruscalleda explained that it is very hard, making the comparison with a theater “where the people from the play are, those who clean, actors, disposal, ushers and the restaurant is the same, so if I can only open 30% I stay at home I continue to stay at home and do not open. “

Aid to this “we have to learn to move and be more scrupulous than the profession deserves to be. There is one thing to think about when we receive the product, we are not going to receive meat, fish and vegetables at the same time, as can sometimes happen; if not it will be scaled. The person who picks it up must wait a moment to do a cleaning and disinfection process to have that security. And in the kitchen there must be a distance to cook, the same oven cannot be used. Let us realize that this is very expensive. ”

Carme Ruscalleda does not lack the desire to start again, to lift the blind and keep the jobs. “And let no one doubt that we will get ahead because we are a generous group, we are enterprising, creative and very hard-working.”

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