‘If he leaves the chair and the little game,’ Kun ‘can be a good signing’

Never leaves indifferent Gustavo Poyet, former player of Real Zaragoza, Chelsea and Tottenham, among others, and former coach of Brighton, Subnderland, AEK, Betis, Shanhgai Shenua, Bordeaux and now of the Universidad Católica de Chile. The Uruguayan, interviewed in Esports COPE, analyzed with this forcefulness the imminent signing of Sergio ‘Kun’ Aguero for Barça.

“If he stops sitting in the chair to play the little game, he could be a good signing. Lately I have seen more photos of him in the ergonomic chair in front of the computer than playing football and that worries me. I wish him the best in the world, but a long-seated player hurts his back, no matter how ergonomic that chair is. If he gets mad I’m sorry but I’m trying to help him because he’s an amazing player and the personal connection he has with Messi it can do you a lot of good, “he explained. Poyet.

Gus Poyet, coach of the Catholic University of Chile PHOTO: EFE

He was also critical of Ronald Koeman for the ‘case Luis Suarez‘Shortly after the Atlético forward criticized him for lack of personality. “If the board calls me to tell me that I have to kick a player, I tell them to do it. Although I understand that he had just arrived at Barça, that it was his goal as a coach, and it is difficult, just recently arrived to say no to the board ”.

Gustavo Poyet He followed the Barça games on TV and noted that “there were strange moments, when you saw that the team was there to win a game. It seems incredible to you that you can hit such an important slump in a match. There were incredible games this season. “

And he criticized that FC Barcelona Be unclear on Koeman’s future: “It seems like you’re playing the job all the time. It seemed that each game was an exam and that is felt by the player and the coach because we are human beings ”.

He highlighted the great League of his compatriot Luis Suarez: “If you could give Luis Suárez a bonus, it was that way of leaving Barça and also going to a team like Atlético. They found Luis Suárez with an internal anger to show that he was still in force. Cholo said it and we all knew it. And Atlético de Madrid needed a player like SuarezHe lacked that point of view, a player who always wants to be present to do what the team needs ”.

With Chelsea in the Champions League final

Poyet, who is experiencing difficult times in Chile due to the casualties caused by the pandemic in his team, will be very aware of the Champions League final that he hopes his former team will win: “The final will be won by Chelsea. But Pep always likes to surprise us with something, I want the final to come to see what he’s going to do ”.