If Barça is not in the Super League, the other clubs could also leave

Much is being said in the last hours of the millionaire clauses that should be paid by the founding clubs of the Super league in case of abandoning the binding project of the new continental competition.

The partners would decide

But, as he has published ‘Der sppiegel‘And has confirmed Sports world, there is an option that the ten clubs that have withdrawn from the competition could benefit from to do so without penalty. If the Assembly of Commitment Partners of the FC
Barcelona vote against the participation of the Barça team in the Super league European Union, the remaining 11 founders could debate whether with the withdrawal of the Barça said tournament is devalued and, if 70% voted “yes”, the Super league it would be paralyzed immediately.

Laporta, president of the Catalan club, had a clause included in the contract according to which the FC
Barcelona he could leave the project if his partners voted against his participation. The maximum Barça president left it agreed in writing in the founding document of what was to be the new great project of European football.