Ibrahimovic: ‘I don’t need to score goals, I help my teammates to score’

The forward of the Milan Zlatan Ibrahimovic noted at the end of the triumph of Sweden in Pristina versus Kosovo (0-3) that he was satisfied with his role as an assistant and that he does not need to score goals.

“I told them that I don’t need to score goals, I already did mine. I help my teammates to do them, so they get closer to my record,” he told the Swedish channel C More “Ibra”, alluding to his status as a historic Swedish scorer with 62 so many.

Two games after his return to the national team, after retiring five years ago, Ibrahimovic said he felt “much better” and more connected with his teammates.

“The more days go by, the better I know them, on and off the field. Today the game worked well in general, not just me and Isak,” he said, referring to his companion in attack.

Compared to the previous game, a close win against Georgia (1-0), “Ibra” spoke of a “good performance”, with the team more solid and capable of creating more scoring opportunities.

Ibrahimovic offered to play in next week’s friendly against Estonia and stressed that he is with the national team to “squeeze the most out of me”, because he wants to be treated “like the rest”, regardless of his age.

“He can help in any way he wants. It is very good to have him on the field,” said Sweden coach Jan “Janne” Andersson, “very satisfied” with the game, although he believes the victory should have been more extensive.