Ibai’s choice of goalkeepers that ended with Courtois insulting him

The hobby of Thibault Courtois and Ibai Llanos videogames has led both to forge a strong friendship that pierces the screen. Thanks to this, they have left us various viral moments during their ‘gaming’ sessions. The last one a couple of days ago, when the popular “streamer” trolled the Madrid goalkeeper.

Ibai he was putting together his team for a FIFA game. He epic moment came when it was his turn choose your goalkeeper. Once again Llanos did his thing and chose
Ter Stegen ahead of the Belgian: “I’m doing terrible. The joystick is strange to me ”, he commented live.

Courtois’ reaction was swift and he responded to his friend via “Twitter”: “fucking fat”, the merengue goalkeeper wrote along with the video of the moment. And this is how Thibault “affectionately” calls the native of Bilbao.