Ian Wright tells how he was abused by his parents

Former English international Ian Wright (75 years old), former player of the Arsenal Y Crystal
Palace Among others, he has revealed how unhappy he was during his childhood in South London, with an abusive father who mistreated his mother and of whom he has horrible memories, 50 years later. Also from a mother with whom he had a troubled relationship.

“I felt helpless. My father had my mother by the neck against the wall. I felt helpless because she was helpless and tried to ask for forgiveness. When I went to bed, I couldn’t get the image of how defenseless I was ”.

However, he assures that his mother abused him when he was very young: “He was anxious and anguished,” he says while explaining that his mother beat him while telling him that she wanted to have an abortion.

All of this comes up in a documentary about her life on BBC One in which she visits her old home and opens up to a psychologist in an attempt to finally forgive her mother and move on, for the sake of her own children. He admits that he often gets dragged “back to very negative and horrible feelings.”

Returning to Merritt Road in Brockley, South London, for the first time since 1973, Ian is overwhelmed by the memories. He tells the cameras: “We shared a house with another family and I, Maurice (his older brother), my mother and my stepfather, we all lived together in one room.”

Physical and psychological abuse

Ian’s stepfather knew he liked Match Of The Day, but he made him look up at the wall when the show started. “Listening to the music of the Match Of The Day and not being able to see it was torture, very cruel.” However, it was the abuse inflicted by Ian’s own mother that left the deepest scars. “She used to hit me regularly, but it was what she said that really hurt me. He said, “I wish I had aborted you.” He told me a couple of times. I knew what it meant. When you hear that at eight or nine, you know it’s going to cause a problem when you grow up. ”

Because my mother always told me that she didn’t like me, I used to think that one day someone would knock on the door and my real parents would say, ‘Can we bring our son back, please?’

About his mother, he says: “I absolutely adore and love her. And then there are times when he completely hated her. It is complex.