‘I would like to have a chat with Simeone because he can give me good advice’

Archibardo Hernández ‘Wizarchy’, is a hairdresser who left his native Dominican Republic and has ended up cutting the hair of several Atlético de Madrid players, but also other teams such as Mariano del Real Madrid or Umiti of Barcelona.

Protagonist of one of the Atlético de Madrid ads, that of Ria Money Transfer, sponsor of the rojiblanco club, Wizarchy’He attended Mundo Deportivo to talk about the derby and many other things.

He likes football?

Yes sure a lot

And what team is it from?

From Atlético de Madrid

Come on, who wants the derby to be won by Atleti

Yes of course I want him to win

A result?

2-1. In favor of Atleti

You are from the Dominican Republic and there is more baseball than soccer …

Yes, there is baseball and basketball.

And then, when you were there, did you like football or was it when you arrived in Madrid?

No, that was when I got here. I didn’t like it, I saw it strange, but when I saw Atleti I started to like it.

In his new place he has shirts of Diego Costa, Trippier, Lemar, Giménez, .. How did all this start?

I came to Madrid in 2010, to Vallecas where a nephew of mine lived. I cut the hair of an African and he brought me to Lavapiés where his sister has a hairdresser. At first it was difficult because they didn’t trust me, I was too young to cut my hair. One night it was closing and two boys from Atlético B appeared, Kader and Sen, they asked me if I could cut their hair, I told them I was closing and they offered me more than what I was charging, which was five euros. They offered me 30 each and I said, come on. A month later, after two months I asked them what they did, they told me they were Atlético B footballers. One told me that he was going to tweet me and that’s where it all started. Then I went to watch them play, I saw Thomas and I told them why they didn’t bring him to me to cut his hair and from there I became friends with Thomas.

And after Thomas came the rest, no

Yes Yes. To those who arrived new they were recommending that I cut their hair

Which player asked you for the weirdest haircut?

Thomas got a lot of weird haircuts, but Mathias Pogba. When he comes to Madrid he always makes a lot of designs

Has he told you where Paul Pogba is going?

No (laughs)

In addition to Atlético de Madrid players, I see that he has also cut the hair of Mariano and Real Madrid basketball players

Yes, to Taylor and Thompkins, from Real Madrid dee basketball

How about Mariano?

Great with me, when I go to his house he treats me super well, very humble. He takes care of me a lot.

He will not play the derby, he has been injured

Ya, that fell fatal to me

Who would like to cut their hair?

I’ve always said it, to Cristiano Ronaldo. It is one of my dreams

But why Cristiano?

The man is a machine, Sometimes he wears cuts that I don’t like and I always think, I can do better, but I would love to, really

And what would you do?

It would make it a nice gradient.

And who would like to do a makeover other than a footballer?

To Wiz Khalifa, an American singer who named me Wiz, Wiza

And would Simeone like to cut her hair?

Yes. And I would like to have a talk with him because he is seen as a person who has a lot of knowledge and can give me good advice.

I see that he has also cut Umtiti’s hair

I met him through Lazaar, he was recovering in Barcelona and he told me to go there for two weeks, he was doing photo shoots and he told me to go and have his hair cut. One night we went out to dinner and they introduced me to Umtiti. I didn’t recognize him at first. We talked and he told me to go the next day to cut his hair at his house. I cut her hair, she liked it. Then, on December 30, he asked me if I could go get his hair cut and I said no problem. Later, when he came to Madrid to play against Real Madrid, I cut his hair.

And to Messi, what would he do?

Sometimes I like the cuts that he wears. It would make him a really cool gradient that would look good on his big beard.

Best Messi with a beard?

Yes, it looks bigger, more aggressive, it imposes more.

What does your family tell you when they see all this?

My mother is very happy every time I send her things that I do, that happen to me. My father, who is in the United States, is also very proud.