“I went to Denmark and Celta didn’t know it”

Celta winger Pione Sisto, found in Denmark after fleeing in full confinement, he finally turned his face and acknowledged his mistake, assuming that the Olympic club will impose a sanction on him. “I have to be responsible for what I did. Yes i went to Denmark with the car, there is no excuse ”, he confirmed in a live broadcast I

Pione Sisto explained that “he was in Spain and I said to myself that I had to go home with my family in Denmark; I just wanted to be with them, and I did it “, reiterating that” I went to Denmark with the car, there is nothing to deny. What about if He Celtic I did not know, I did not know it. Obviously I have to pay for it. ”

The Danish footballer revealed that “I had conversations with him Celtic and I have to pay it ”, assuming that“ there is no excuse. I did what I did and obviously I have to take responsibility for what I did, that’s all. ”

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