‘I was left with possibly Joao’s best game so far’

Diego Pablo Simeone, Atlético de Madrid coach, appeared before the media after his elimination in the Champions League. A defeat to which he did not put any but and recognized the superiority of the rival.

Playoff sensations

“They were fair winners. The first game was more even but they took advantage with the goal. And in the return they were superior. We try until the end to find different ways to try to score a goal. I was left with possibly Joao’s best game so far. He is the player we wanted. I liked Saúl’s improvement, it will help us for what is to come ”.

Change of Luis Suárez

“It is normal that the footballer wants to continue playing. We understood that with Dembelé, Correa, Joao and Marcos Llorente… we had more ways to attack, that’s why we did that ”.

Possible penalties

“He did not look for excuses as to whether it was criminal or not. They were better. When the rival is better, it only remains to congratulate him. Now it’s time to reset so that from Friday we can think about the League ”.

Tactical intentions

“The first half we tried with the top four to push the ball out of them. Few times we were able to steal that ball that would have generated us being close to the opponent’s goal. So with Trippier on the one hand and Lodi on the other we tried to skip the team’s exit. When we saw that we admonished Lodi, it did not seem fair and we looked for another situation so that Joao and Llorente could press up. But they were better. They managed to break the pressure. We must continue to improve for what is to come “.

Approach to the tie

“It is very easy to regret after an elimination. The things that happen after the game cannot be solved, there is no regret and then you are here to give your opinion ”.

Cholo sensations

“I am very well this Champions League cost us a lot from the beginning. I do not lie, reality is what it is. We have a promising future and a good present. Today is a day of learning ”.

Consequences of removal

“I have no fear. The Champions League, this Champions League always cost us, it was complex, it was difficult. They were better. Now it’s time to reset. To go forward to play each game to the fullest ”.

Is it good for you to be eliminated?

“No, it is always better to pass. It is always better to advance in such beautiful competitions as the Champions League. They were better. We will have to improve on the things we see. We will have to continue the Alavés game with the same enthusiasm and enthusiasm ”.