‘I wanted to close my eyes just for a bit, I didn’t set the alarm clock …’

You were already in a position to go up with the Sanse, would you like it to go up now?

Sure. It is a very nice thing to be fighting for promotion like it happened to me. It is the reward for the effort of a whole year. The club is doing very well from the quarry. Promotion would be a great recognition for them and for the club. It shows that there is a good team, a good coach and that things are done well. These are the fruits.

What do they call you in the locker room?

Aritz calls me Gorosalves and Gorosito. Almost everyone calls me Goros.

What has been your best game?

I was really enjoying the game against Celta. We were 0-4 and they changed me. The truth is that this year I have enjoyed a lot on the field.

And in the one who has suffered the most?

Barça here (1-6). In that game we all had a very bad time. And then at 0-4 for United.

The extreme that has put him through the worst?

I’m going to say the same thing again: Vinícius.

Who was the first person you remembered when you won the final?

My mother Maria, who died in December. I would have been excited that I could have seen the final. I know I really wanted. It goes for her, since she always supported me, since I was little. It was always there. He is one of the most important people in my career, the one who helped me the most to become a footballer, with my parents, of course. He followed me so much that they put football on TV there in the village and he put on his headphones to hear my name being called. She couldn’t live it, but I know she saw it from above and I’m sure she’ll be proud.

You had a long night on the day of the cup celebration, right?

Yes. We did what we could for the restrictions and the sanitary issue, but something was done, yes.

They had to go rescue him because he was the last one.

I wanted to close my eyes for just a little while, I didn’t set the alarm clock and in the end that time went away a bit.

The covid has not passed as some colleagues have long ago, what have you done to haggle the virus?

I have taken care of myself like any other person or footballer, I have respected the measures. I must have had a bit of luck too or maybe my defenses are good. But hey, let’s pray that he doesn’t take it now, the League ends.

Are you still living in Arrasate or do you live in Donostia?

No, I have come to Donostia.

Last year renewed until 2024, will the summer be calm?

Yes I think so. I don’t think about any of that. I’m focused on finishing the season and that’s it. I renewed last year and will have a quiet summer. I don’t expect anything weird

Have you not been called to renew?

Not right now.