‘I took a nap in the middle of the stage, at night, in the dunes’

During the last days I lived a real nightmare. Especially the Thursday, when the car failed again at km 5, with 800 km to go to get to the bivouac. We don’t give up and yesterday after 3 days of suffering the harshness of the Dakar for a problem electric, we felt again happy.

The mechanics worked all night and solved the problem. We couldn’t know if it was fixed until we got into the special. You had to try it and it worked. We went third in the general and second in category T4, but the most important thing is that we returned to enjoy. Now, we have 6 days left to focus on teamwork and helping our teammates, who are 1st and 2nd overall, to win.

He Dakar is a roller coaster of emotions and you have to adapt to what you play, but frankly, I feel happy because I have enjoyed the car again. The effort of all the mechanics, who have gone crazy to help us, was worth it.

Now, after everything that happened, we have to keep the memories and experiences. In that sense, I will never forget something brutal that happened on Thursday: We did 800 km with many sections at 40 km / hour At the end I got dizzy from the head blows I was giving and asked my co-pilot Armand if he was okay with stopping. At that moment I threw up. “Let me rest 10 minutes”, I told. And I took a 10 minute nap. What a nap. In the middle of the desert, at night, in the dunes, under the stars. I needed it to go on. Now, Armand laughs. “It was very romantic”, it repeats to me. Good sign. We smile again.