‘I saw ten damn repetitions’: The death of Jason Dupasquier reopens the controversy

The death of the 19-year-old pilot Jason dupasquier has put on the table a controversial hackneyed that returns to the scene in motor sports, where accidents are the order of the day. There are many fans of this sport who feed the lack of sensitivity of some television networks when it comes to dealing with this type of fatal incidents.

The Swiss pilot lost his life as a result of injuries that occurred in the fall during qualifying for Moto3 at the Italian GP, when a rival ran over him. The worst of the case is that the incident could be seen several times on television, with repetitions and details of the accident, so there have been many followers who have shouted to the sky.

In addition to the live broadcast, from the social networks of the DAZN platform, which broadcasts the competition in Spain and other countries, the video was shared at first, although it was later deleted. However, it was already late, because the video was already circulating on the networks and is currently easily accessible.

Many followers on social networks and on television have criticized that the accident has gone viral without any sensitivity but quite the opposite, looking for easy morbid.

Jack Miller, Ducati rider in MotoGP, regretted that “last night I was having dinner at the motorhome and we had Sky TV on, and I had all the televisions turned off because in the end I think I saw ten damn repetitions of the accident,” he criticized in statements to Motorsport. com.

Several fans of the motor world have spoken along the same lines, who hope that their criticism will serve to create a precedent in this type of case.

The swiss Dupasquier he lost control of his motorcycle at the exit of turn nine, known as Arrabbiata 2, with the bad luck that it went through the ground towards the interior of the asphalt, where Sasaki could not avoid ramming him and Alcoba came to touch the legs of the Swiss pilot, who was lying inert on the ground.