‘I received 70 racial insults after losing the final’

The forward of the M

anchester United, Marcus Rashford
, has explained that he has been the subject of “at least 70 racial insults” on social networks after yesterday’s defeat on penalties against him Villarreal at the end of the Europe

“So far at least 70 racial slurs have been counted on my social accounts,” Rashford tweeted. “For those who work to make me feel worse than I already feel, good luck trying,” he wrote in a first message.

Then another: “What makes me most outraged is that one of the abusers who left a mountain of monkey emojis in my DM is a math teacher with an open profile. Teaches children! And he knows that he can freely racially abuse without consequences … ”.

Rashford urged users to report any form of abuse or discrimination through his online reporting tool. A lot of Premier League club players have come under fire in recent months, including United’s Anthony Martial, Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling, Liverpool’s Trent-Alexander Arnold and Sadio Mane and Chelsea’s Reece James.

In February, English football bodies sent an open letter to Facebook and Twitter, urging the blocking and swift removal of offensive posts, as well as an improved verification process for users.

Instagram has announced further action and Twitter has pledged to continue its efforts after taking action on more than 700 football-related abuse cases in Britain in 2019.