‘I realized how tough politics is when I handed LaLiga over to Madrid’

José Luis Martínez-Almeida, Mayor of Madrid, was Tuesday’s guest to the program The Hormiguero. There, the alderman once again made his passion for the Atlético de Madrid, coming to compare the change of headquarters of the Popular Party with the transfer of the rojiblanco club to the Wanda Metropolitano. He also recalled how he experienced the Lisbon Champions League final and gave his opinion on Sergio Ramos.

The change of headquarters of the Popular Party

“It seems like a good idea to change the venue. Spaniards ask those of us in politics for exemplarity, and it is logical that they ask us for exemplarity and it is necessary that in a world like the one we live in, which is a world of image in which symbols are very powerful, we change our headquarters . The important thing in this is not the headquarters, but that people see us working on the street. And also what does a venue matter? I am very unsentimental about that. When we moved from Calderón to Wanda, I didn’t feel sorry either because the important thing isn’t the stadium, it’s Atleti. Therefore, the important thing here is not the headquarters, it is the Popular Party ”.

The Lisbon Champions League final

“My sisters went to the Calderón, including one who lives in Brussels and who left her five children to go to the Calderón. So I took them to the stadium. I turned off the radio, I took the M-30, I continued to Soto del Real, from there I went to Guadalix de la Sierra, I returned to Madrid and when in minute 85 I was already entering the Plaza de Castilla, I turn on the radio, I see that we are going 0 -1 and then I go home with my mother, who lives very close to the Bernabéu and was watching the game alone. I get home just as the fourth official pulls out the five-minute sign. My mother was on the couch scared and in minute 92 and a half I said to her: “Mom, don’t worry, this time it’s not going to happen to you like 40 years ago, this time you win the European Cup because you deserve it.” And at that moment we gave Sergio Ramos’ corner and then as soon as Ramos scored, he got up, looked at me with a face that I have not forgotten as a son, how much you have disappointed me, and went to bed ”.

Your opinion about Sergio Ramos

“I realized how tough politics is and that it makes strange bedmates when I had to go to Valdebebas to deliver the league title to Madrid. I had to make a speech with the shirt and I had to praise them. My mother didn’t come out of the grave and gave me a couple of miracle slaps. It is that the policy is very hard sometimes. In the speech I told him: ‘Hey Sergio, what am I going to tell you? You have a very good career, you are the captain of Madrid but I would erase ten seconds from your life. ‘ It was very hard ”.