‘I lost my memory and my voice, it was terrifying’

Former coach of Manchester United, Alex Ferguson, has admitted that he feared losing his memory and voice after suffering a brain hemorrhage in 2018.

Ferguson, 79, considered one of the greatest technicians of all time, required emergency surgery and spent several days in intensive care at Salford Royal Hospital in Greater Manchester.

“One of the first things I said the day after the operation when my family came to see me was about my memory,” Ferguson told reporters at the Glasgow film festival on Saturday, after the premiere of a documentary about the Scotsman. .

“I have survived with a great memory all my life. The following week, I lost my voice. I couldn’t get a word out and it was absolutely terrifying. Everything was going through my mind, will my memory return? Will I ever speak again?

Ferguson said he worked with a speech therapist and his voice returned after 10 days. “The speech therapist came and told me to write down all the members of my family and my soccer team. He asked me questions about animals, fish, birds … Finally, after 10 days, my voice came back. I realized, having been through all that, that my memory was fine. “

Ferguson was United’s manager from 1986 to 2013, winning the Champions League twice, the Premier League 13 times, and five FA Cups. He was knighted in 1999, the year United won the Champions League, Premier League and FA Cup treble.