‘I have worked with players who I thought were gay’

Louis van GaalAlready away from the benches, he dared to speak about the taboo subject of homosexuality in soccer in an interview for the ‘Gaykrant’ newspaper.

In fact, in that conversation, the Dutchman admits that he has had more than one suspicion that the players he has had in his ranks are homosexual, but he understands that they did not say anything because of the repercussions it could have.

There are gay players, but not many. The world of soccer is not a mirror of society. You have to be incredibly brave and have a lot of strength if you want to go out, because in the world of football and angry society today they seem to deal with a different sexual choice, “he said. van gaal.

“It is better for your personality to be in line with your feelings. Of course, if one comes out the pressure of the gay footballer will be enormous. It would cause a stir, “explains the Dutchman, who reveals that” in all my career no player has told me that he is gay. That means a lot. I think if he didn’t come out of the locker room, a player would be willing to share that he’s gay. I regret that. I won’t say what club I was in, but I worked with players who I thought were gay.. I want to protect those players. Most of them are married to women and have children. I used to ask if they had a girlfriend, later I would ask if they had a partner ”.