‘I have seen in the eyes of the Athletic players the look of the tiger’

Athletic has gathered today in the morning Andoni
Goikoetxea and Patxi
Salinas, League and Cup champions in the 80s and who today are part of the club, the first as an ambassador and the second as Basconia’s coach.

“The sensations are those transmitted to me from Bilbao, there is more and more atmosphere. Here it is a bit cold. It is a historic final against Real, it can be won. There are many people who we would make happy today if we win it, it would serve to broaden and enlarge the history of Athletic, but the finals are complicated. I think we are going to achieve it but we have to wait ”, said the Alonsotegi, the undisputed starter in that champion team Gracious coach.

The ex-center believes that the team does not have to be nervous, but it does have to be “nervous.” “Be relaxed, come out strong, with a cool head and a warm heart,” he added.

For his part, the one from San Adrián, who started in the last Cup final won in 1984 against Barça, has ensured that they have to pass the baton. “I have a feeling of maximum concentration. I have seen in his eyes the look that we had, the look of the tiger. I have noticed that feeling that we are going to win. Something is intuited that we are going to win.

For the manager of the second rojiblanco subsidiary it is the easiest game for the coach. “You don’t have to motivate anyone, just choose the eleven for the final. It’s all said. When he says the line-up, you only think that he says my name ”, said the Bilbao man.