‘I have recharged batteries with messages of encouragement’

We always divide the Dakar in two phases if not it would be very long, therefore now it represents that we have passed this first phase, unfortunately many people can no longer reach this rest stage and so it is important to be here. Especially those who work the most are the mechanics, In my case, they have been working all day and then I went to test the car because as so many parts are changed, we have to make sure that the car goes well. It is also used to sleep, eat and drink a lot, talk a little with people because in these first days we have not been able to see each other much, also with the family who after such a hard week has helped me a lot talking with them. I have recharged batteries with the messages of encouragement.

The rest day is a day in which the routine is changed, but you work the same, it is a day to leave the new car, to wash clothes, and as an anecdote the washing machine has broken and luckily my friends from Beryl’s Xtreme and Buggy Masters have been able to do my laundry and that shows the camaraderie between teams. In the end we are all a family and what we want is to overcome all these adversities. But especially to reflect on the first week and prepare the second.

For this second week we expect a continuity of the first, a hard journey and no longer because of the problems that I have had but because it has been a very tough and demanding race from the first moment and it will be another week the same and we begin with a marathon stage and We started hard, and watch out for the penultimate stage that will be very, very long. Dakar is a long way ahead