“I have been resting and recovering, I cannot compete”

Latest appearances of Rafael Nadal In their official social media accounts they have had to do with their main sponsors, in a gradual return to a certain normality once absolute confinement has ended in their home in Porto Cristo, very close to their native Manacor, their academy.

There are no more cooking recipes, workouts at home or in the garden. Rafa Nadal can already work on the track, although he does not explicitly show himself with the racket in hand, in his work with the coach Carlos Moyà.

What is clear to him is that he will be very cautious on his return since he wants to avoid at all costs one more injury to his record that compromises his sports future. Therefore, it does not even accept physical cutting challenges online.

Nike has launched the ‘Living Room Cup’, A challenge between fans and athletes who are part of the payroll of the commercial house, including Rafa Nadal, who has promoted the initiative, but will not be one of the participants.

“The Nike Living Room Cup, the cup I have never won. I’ve been resting and recovering, so I can’t compete, ”says Rafa Nadal in a video.

Happy to see you healthy and on the move in these times

He does promise that the event will continue, “I will be watching you. Happy to see many of you around the world in good health and staying on the move in these times, even beating the professionals, ”he proclaims on Instagram.