‘I feel important’

It has grown a lot in a short time and Martin
Zubimendi The opportunity to make his European debut comes at the same speed. The Real player aims to start in the quarterfinals that Spain Under-21 play this Tuesday against Croatia (6:00 p.m.). The tie takes place in Slovenia.

Zubimendi feels, above all, “responsibility” in the hours prior to the appointment. A full member of the ‘eleven type’ of the Real this season, the Donostiarra testifies in his international adventure how the path of ownership is cleared, with Moncayola infected with Covid-19. Less competition for a txuri urdin that the pools place next to Gonzalo
Villar, from Roma, in the center of the field.

Admits Zubimendi that he is about to get “a nailed thorn” from the previous international call, for “arriving depleted” because “his rib was dancing”, as the Real squad player illustrates in a casual tone. His pulse does not tremble to affirm that “I feel important here” because “I feel the” confidence “of a Luis de la Fuente that asks for “balance, the same as in the Real”, indicates Zubimendi. “Filter passes and give support,” he sums up.

Zubimendi believes that “I have improved in many things” as a footballer. More specifically, “it may be that in playing forward, I have given way to passing inside and vertical passes”, he defines Zubimendi, expressing itself with the same simplicity that it shows when it is associated with the ball. Like the great footballers.