‘I drank three brandies with cola before playing against Arsenal’

Ferdinand River He has confessed one of his biggest secrets, his life with football and his relationship with alcohol. In particular, with an anecdote in a game against Arsenal when he was still playing in the Manchester United.

They brought me a brady with a tail at Highbury and I had it. I was like … bah. I had three in total just before playing Arsenal“Explained the former West Ham from a duel against the ‘Gunners’ in 1996. Luckily for the defender, Slaven Bilic decided to put him on the bench. “I was there thinking ‘please don’t make me come in, I can’t. But then he brought me in “, explained Ferdinand, who shortly after added that” I had to score Wright. He was looking at me and he said ‘I know you can see me, look at me. After that, the two became locked. “Then he put his big fingers in front of me, so I pushed him and said ‘I’ve got you.’

The most surprising confession was, however, not having memories of that stage because of alcohol. “I always tell people who ask me if I regret playing that I wouldn’t have drunk alcohol. When I was younger I drank more. He was a lunatic. My memories of my time in West Ham are blurry. People talk about particular moments and I nod my head, but I have no idea what they are talking about ”, I finish explaining Ferdinand.