“I don’t want to go to Petronas to say goodbye to my typhosi”

It is a couple of months before the MotoGP World Championship starts in Jerez, but in just a couple of weeks as promised Valentino Rossi You must make known what your sports future will be. There are two options: either accept Yamaha’s firm offer to stay as a factory pilot in the Petronas SRT satellite team with a factory M1 or to retire.

In statements to the official website motogp.com Valentino explained that before the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the lives of millions of citizens, “my plan was clear: change something in the team and aim for summer to understand if it was more competitive compared to last year, for me it was crucial. I want to continue, but only if I am strong. Unfortunately, in this situation, I must understand if I have enough strength and motivation within me. ”

What is clear is that the official Yamaha team already decided for him in January when he signed Quartararo and renewed Viñales that his future was not going to be in the official Yamaha team and they offered him a position, with an official M1, in the team. Iwata satellite. In this regard, he assures that “I have a good opportunity with Petronas, which is a top-level team, as demonstrated last year with Qrtararo and Morbidelli. It is a young squad, but inside there are many people I know, for me it is a very good option, I just have to decide. I have only two possible choices, either I go to Petronas or I retire. ”

If you decide to continue, you will simply do it because you are 100% convinced that you can still be competitive at age 42 and that it would not be a gold retreat or a year to greet the tifosi from the motorcycle. “I have spoken to Jarvis and Yamaha, not directly to Razlan (Razali, Petronas team manager) but I share his thoughts. I don’t want to go to Petronas to say goodbye to my tifosi, if I go I will give 100% ”.

Everything is ready for him to sign the one-year contract, extendable to one second.