‘I don’t see any option for Neymar to go to Barça and Mbappé to Madrid’

The future of Meymar and Mbappé continues to give many comments. The Brazilian always sounds to return to Barcelona and the French to sign for Real Madrid.

Ander Herrera he sees no chance that his two PSG teammates will land in these two LaLiga clubs right now. This was stated last night in the program ‘The Transistor’ of Zero Wave. Do you see any option that Neymar come to Barça and Mbappé to Real Madrid? “Right now none. I see them very involved and happy. It has nothing to do with what is said. Furthermore, I do not think that neither Real Madrid nor Barcelona can face an operation of this caliber in this situation, although I am not an economist nor am I in these two clubs, ”said the former Zaragoza, Athletic and Manchester United team.

The midfielder has more affinity with the Brazilian, especially for the language, and confirmed that at the party organized by the striker to celebrate his birthday, he separated the colleagues who were married to their wives from the singles. “In Neymar I see a guy absolutely involved in the project, trying to keep the group strong, organizing meals at his house in addition to his birthday. It is a pleasure to share with him the moments in the team. I see him getting closer to becoming the successor to Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo regarding the Golden Ball ”, he added.

The Bilbao native also praised for Eden Hazard, the Real Madrid player he faced in the Premier, one as a United player and the Belgian as a Chelsea footballer: “As a rival he has been very good. In my time in the Premier, Hazard was shown as a differential furbolista. He is not selfish at all, he is a team player, he does not think of him, he thinks of the group. Request the ball at any time. I have seen him be a differential footballer in every game, throwing the team behind him. I have a lot of admiration for him. I see him fighting for Ney and Mbappé for the Ballon d’Or when Messi and Christian get tired ”, he recognized.