“I didn’t know you were so poisonous”

Despite the fact that almost 50 days ago that Spanish society has been locked up in their homes, television programs continue at the foot of the canyon to manage to entertain viewers to the fullest. This is the case of ‘Zapping’, Which has not cut its emissions since the state of alarm was decreed.

Dani Mateo The LaSexta magazine continues to be presented from Monday to Friday, where the news is commented with a humorous touch.

This past Thursday, the presenter of the format had just introduced a block of content when he had a fun ‘crossing’ of words with Anna Simon.

“Tomorrow we will see more candidates for the Balcon Talent award, keep sending videos. I remind you that we accept all kinds of performance: juggling, Chinese shadows, even triangle concerts … “, the journalist pronounced, ending the sentence with a long silence.

“What has this pause meant? What did you want to convey with this pause? ”, I asked him Anna Simon between laughs. “It is a pause for people to appreciate the joke”, was justified Dani Mateo.

Anna Simón in ‘Zapeando’.

“You expect a video to come in. If you see that the video does not go in, why don’t you shoot? ”, The collaborator said, leaving the presenter with no alternative.

“It was that there were some letters there that I do not understand. I have finished saying about the Balcon Talent, I have seen some letters there and I have been left with the face of a landscape ”, he commented Matthew, to end up addressing Simon: “What I didn’t know was that you were so poisonous.”

“Man, If you mess with me, I’ll give it back“, Said the Catalan, to which Dani He ended by saying that “that’s typical of an older lady.”

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