‘I am left with Zidane’s brain, Cristiano’s strength and Messi’s feet’

Chukwueze, footballer of the Villarreal, spoke at an event for LiveScore, the Global Official Results Sponsor of The league, about the next game of the Yellow Submarine in The league
Santander, in which those of Unai
Emery will receive next Sunday (4.15pm) at FC
Barcelona in the Stadium

The Nigerian winger was confident in the face of the game against the Catalans and said he hopes to “sleep very well” next Sunday: “For me, if we play our game, I will sleep very well (laughs), but anything can happen, this is football. We are going to give everything to win, that is the most important thing, to win. This will help us maintain our position in LaLiga. I’m sure I’ll sleep well this Sunday! ”He said. Chukwueze, who also praised the figure of its technician.

“I enjoy playing with Unai Emery. He’s amazing, and very tactical in everything he does. He can push you to the limit, but he is a fantastic coach. He has a fantastic football brain. It has fascinated me to see how things change from one game to another. Sometimes when I look at him from the bench, I watch him and see changes that he makes that work for him and that are fantastic to see. He’s very good at his job and he’s a fantastic coach, “explained the attacker ‘Groguet’.

Choose your perfect footballer

Finally, to Chukwueze They asked him what, in case of being able to create the ideal player -with current players and former players-, who would he choose each part, to which he replied: “The footballing brain of Zinedine Zidane, the strength of Cristiano Ronaldo and the feet of Lionel Messi ”.