‘I always wanted to be an actor and I still want to, but football comes first’

Davies He has revealed in an interview to ‘The Players Tribune’ that his desire has always been to be an actor but that football got in his way. “I always wanted to act and I still love him, but soccer came first,” says the Bayern
from munich.

Davies, 19, arrived in Munich in January 2019 and won the Bundesligas and two Cups, but he went through many ups and downs before. The Canadian winger arrived in Canada with five years as a refugee. There he played for the Edmonton Strikers, but he did not adapt easily: “At 12 years old he was late for training; I had to take care of my little brothers, because my parents couldn’t always ”.

But I always dreamed of going far. In fact, he was in Barça’s orbit: “When I went to bed I dreamed of being a great star of European football, scoring many goals and celebrating it with tens of thousands of fans screaming.” At the time, he admired Chelsea: “My father saw him on TV every weekend and he also became my team.”

At age 14, he signed for the Vancouver Whitecaps and left his home, which was another difficult moment: “It was a nervous breakdown because I left my family in Edmonton and I was also very shy.” “I had a lot of doubts about whether I would succeed, constantly asking myself if that would be possible.” After the tempo, he is settling in Bayern and is clear about his future: “I want to stay in Germany as long as possible.” Later, much later, “I want to be a coach.”