Hungary again plans a MotoGP GP for 2023

After the failed Balatonring project that never went ahead between 2008 and 2010 despite insistently appearing on the calendar, Hungary has a new opportunityd to host a MotoGP Grand Prix at a new circuit to be built in Debrecen

as of the second quarter of this year.

With the loss that seems definitive of the GP of the Czech Republic, central-eastern Europe with a legion of motorcycling fans would once again have a nearby Grand Prix to head to.

In a presentation held on Thursday in the Magyar capital, Budapest, Dorna Sports CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta met with Kelet-Magyarország Versenypálya Kft. CEO, József Pacza, the Hungarian Minister of Innovation and National Technology, László Palkovics, Hungarian government delegates and Hungarian motorcycle legend Gábor Talmácsi to discuss the project and sign a new agreement to bring MotoGP to Hungary from 2023.

“The next Hungarian Grand Prix will take place on a new circuit, construction of which is expected to begin in the second quarter of 2021. The venue will be located in Debrecen, Hungary’s second-largest city, in the Hajdúság region, creating a motorsport center in the area and further expanding MotoGP’s global reach. The project aims to attract fans in Hungary and expand the MotoGP calendar in Central Europe, creating a world-class track in the region and fostering interest and talent in the area to follow in the footsteps of stars such as the champion of the when 125cc in 2007, Gábor Talmácsi ”, says Dorna Sports in its statement.

“We are very grateful that Dorna has decided to accept our offer. We are going to build a completely new track and in that sense it will be a completely new style of track in MotoGP. The investment is quite important, but doing our business models, it is worth it. It is a good economic investment ”, says the Hungarian Minister of Innovation and National Technology, László Palkovics.

“It is very emotional for me, I am very proud to be here. The story of my life is basically that I represented my country as a rider for 10 years in MotoGP ™ and now, in a different position, I represent Hungary as an expert in motorsport and I always try to give something back, to support motorsport projects like this one. I am proud to be part of the project, I love motorcycles, I love racing and I always follow the sport even when I’m not racing. It is a great moment for us to be here and for the government to have signed the contract with Dorna, ”said Gabor Talmacsi, the 125cc world champion.

Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna Sports, explained that: “finally, this becomes a reality. We are very happy because in Hungary there is a lot of passion for this sport. Gabor was world champion and with this project many more Hungarians will start coming to our Talent Cups and our paddock. Our wish is to bring the best to the circuit – spectators, economic impact, to give visibility to this region around the world on TV – but also to have the possibility that there will be more Hungarian riders in the future through the Road to MotoGP program ”

“From the beginning we have been in contact with the people who are creating the project and I was in the region two years ago. What is happening there is very special. The FIM is following the homologation work and I think the circuit will be one of the best in the world ”.