Hundreds of fans flock to Neptune to try to celebrate

Cordoned off by the police, the source of Neptune began to receive fans of Atlético de Madrid, that half an hour after the end of the clash before him Valladolid they went to the rojiblanco symbol to celebrate the eleventh title in their history.

Between chants of victory and with their masks on, the fans of the Madrid team challenge the coronavirus and, for now, traffic is still flowing and has not been cut off by the vicinity of the source.

The traffic, which had not been cut off, was mixed with the hundreds of fans trying to access the fountain, cordoned off by a large security device.

The Atlético de Madrid won 1-2 to Valladolid and won The league ahead of Real Madrid, who also did his job to beat 2-1 at Villarreal. However, the Argentine team Diego Pablo Simeone took two points ahead of the French Zinedine Zidane and their fans begin to celebrate in the streets of Madrid its title.