Huesca plays the permanence against Valencia

The Valencia will close the League in Huesca in a match in which you only play close the competition with the least negative image possible and in which you will be the judge of the permanence of a rival who does not want to have to resort to the calculator, or to look at what happens in other fields, and he is committed to achieving a victory that would ensure his continuity in the highest category.

The Barça team, which depends on itself with the victory, could also be worth a draw or even a defeat, but in that case it would be waiting for what the other two involved in the fight for permanence, Elche and Valladolid, something not advisable, so within the team they only think about adding the three points without considering another possibility.

The Huesca will play this final and momentous match in their stadium, The Alcoraz, which is where the best results have been achieved this season, against a rival who will not play anything.

The local coach, José Rojo “Pacheta“, Will have the important loss due to sanction of the left back Javi galán, since it could be covered by the central Gaston silva or by the midfielder Sergio Gomez, and he will not be able to count on striker Dani either Escriche, equally sanctioned.

The doubt of the central Denis persists Vavro, who had to leave the injured Benito Villamarín, although he has entered the call, while Siovas, who also had to be substituted, seems to be in the starting eleven.

The rest of the initial team will be the one usually used by the Burgos coach.

Valencia in turn faces the clash with nothing at stake as has happened since Voro Gonzalez He made his debut on the bench with the victory against Valladolid and achieved virtual salvation, but in good competitive dynamics, as evidenced by his solid victory last week against Eibar, which marked the relegation of the Basque team.

One of the manager’s obsessions is that the team “not fall” to preserve the good image of the club, but also because he believes that given the bad season they have signed, they cannot afford it in the face of their own fans.

This determination has led the Valencian coach to minimize rotations both in the competitive visit to Sevilla and in the match against the gunsmith team and they are not expected to arrive tomorrow, beyond protecting a player with discomfort.

In addition, the coach already took advantage of last Sunday’s crash to give minutes and that they could say goodbye to Mestalla Eliaquim Mangala and Kevin Gameiro, the two players who end their contract and it is taken for granted that they will not continue, along with the three who arrived on loan in the winter market.

What seems clear is that the Valencian team will maintain the 5-3-2 that Voro inherited from the last game of Javi Gracia at the head of the squad and that has increased the strength of the team.

There is the paradox that in the case of winning, in addition to ‘releasing’ its rival as happened last week, Valencia could manage to link two consecutive league victories for the first time this season, something that it has been unable to do so far and that has weighed down their aspirations.

In addition, for the Valencia win in Huesca It would mean ending a streak of nine games in a row without doing it away from Mestalla. Since at the beginning of January, more than four months ago, he won 0-1 in Valladolid accumulates two draws and seven losses as a visitor in the League.

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