How would Real Madrid play with each of the candidates for your bench?

After two years with Zinedine Zidane In this second stage at the head of the white team in which the Frenchman has played a more defensive and pragmatic football, Real Madrid faces the choice of a new coach and, therefore, a new script. The candidates are clear and their boards offer different varieties.

Raúl: Direct and intense

From Raul and his script is the least known. Or, rather, the one that has been seen the least since he has only been training for two years. Real
Castile. However, the results at the head of the subsidiary have been good and much of the fault lies in the way they play.

A way that the Madrid coach would implement in the first team and that would be characterized by intensity and the decision to attack at all times. With the Castile, Raul he used to move between a 5-4-1 with a single leading striker or a 4-4-2 with a couple in attack.

With players like White or Dotor opted for quality and know-how in midfield while not forgetting bands with fast and skilled wingers like Peter, Hugo
Vallejo, or own Michael
Gutierrez attacking from the left-handed side. Therefore, the formula for Raul it is clear: dominance, personality and decision.

Conte: Favorite and functional scheme

In the case of Antonio
Conte, champion of titles such as Serie
TO wave Premier
League, the scheme of his board is more than clear: 5-3-2 with the lanes as an unequivocal sign of his signature. Wherever he has gone, he has transformed the team that has had to train and at Madrid, it would be no less.

Also with a clear offensive character (El Inter has scored 89 goals in 38 games), the teams of Conte They are characterized by a strong pressure, although not too high, and with a very pragmatic exit of the ball. That is, if you can start from behind, it will be done, otherwise it will become more direct in the construction of the game.

Pochettino: Argentine school on big benches

For its part, the style of Mauricio
Pochettino is one of those who can best fit in the Real
Madrid. Due to the idiosyncrasy of the club, the Argentine coach proposes a football with rhythm, direct and based on high pressure and direct attack.

He usually plays with the 4-2-3-1 format although in the PSG, in recent games, he has also opted for 4-3-3, a system that white players are used to because it is the one they have used the most with Zidane.

Giving much prominence to the bands and with the clear reference of a ‘9’ above as it was at the time Harry
Kane in the Tottenham, Pochettino He is one of the most liked for the white bench but at the same time the most complicated since he has a contract with PSG.

Carlo Ancelotti: His famous tree, on stage

It is evident that the libretto of Carlo
Ancelotti It has been updated as it has gone through different teams and has adapted to different templates, but if it was famous for something (and tremendously effective) Carlo
Ancelotti In their teams it was by imposing the 4-3-3 system in which all the players were very clear about their role.

At Real Madrid, during the BBC’s most prolific years, Carletto He did not stop using this system in which the team played football by heart and very well.