How much does the president of the Community of Madrid and the councilors and deputies of the Assembly charge?

Since C
ristina Cifuentes acceded to the Presidency of the Community of Madrid In 2015, the salary assigned for this position was 103,090 gross euros in 12 payments. They are 8,591 euros per month.

That will be the salary that the next president of the Community of Madrid will receive. What’s more, the Madrid Assembly made public the payroll of all the deputies after obtaining the personal authorization of the 129 members of the Madrid chamber, which made it possible to enforce the agreement reached at the Assembly Table.

As sources from the regional chamber have indicated to Efe, after obtaining this authorization, the Assembly technicians had to adapt the format of the deputies’ payroll to eliminate private data and those that could collide with the Data Protection Law.

According to the extracts of the payroll, the basic salary of a deputy of the Madrid Assembly It is 3,500 gross, to which is added a supplement of 2,124 gross euros for the president of the institution, 1,825 gross for the spokesmen of the parliamentary groups, 1,600 in the case of the vice-presidents and 1,457 in that of the three secretaries of the Assembly.