How likely is it that you will win the Lottery of the Child?

Despite the fact that the January 6 draw is less followed by Spaniards, who prefer – and buy more – to vibrate with the emotion of the ‘Gordo’ de Navidad, the reality is that there are more chances that you will be one of the winners of the Lotería del Niño. If you are looking forward to the morning of Kings for the gifts than for the raffle, we have something to tell you: almost 38% of the numbers will win a prize.

700 million in prizes on January 6.

On January 6, the probability of having a tenth winner is one in three, although half of millions are distributed than on December 22. At Christmas, 14,008 numbers out of 100,000 are awarded, while in the Lotería del Niño, 37,812 numbers out of 100,000 will be awarded, so that a greater number of players will win, at least, what they played.

The key is in the withdrawals

If we talk about the Christmas Lottery, buying a tenth there is only a 5% chance that we will win a prize and if, we already focus on winning the Jackpot, the odds are reduced to 0.001%, that is, one in a hundred one thousand. For its part, in the El Niño draw, the amount of prizes destined for withdrawals is tripled, 37,812 numbers among the 100,000 of each series, so the probability of winning something in ‘El Niño’ is 7.82% while at Christmas it is 5.30%.

You like one number more than another and even if you think that it is impossible for 00.001 to touch and that you would never buy it, we are sorry to tell you that among the 100,000 numbers, all have the same chances of getting out.

With these data we imagine that you have wanted to have the odd tenth for next January 6. Good luck!